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Together, we can get a world more friendly and sustainable

We offer our customers comprehensive solutions ,formed with products and services that allow them a demonstrable savings in your company, looking for a

future more efficient in managing its resources, keeping services , comfort and quality of life.


Our experience and a great diversity of clients support us

Experiencia Ahorro born as part of a group of companies, which offer their customers the opportunity to enjoy the new technologies without having to perform a previous investment, amortizing the change with the savings generated by its own use.


Experiencia Ahorro diversifies its line of business since its inception, to provide its customers a comprehensive solution, managing resources and maintaining services that optimize the efficiency to obtain maximum savings.


Currently, Experiencia Ahorro is composed of different divisions that help get more agile way to different sectors to provide them with the greatest possible savings.


The experience in our company is one of our values

Our team gives its best for a common target, minimize, maximize and share knowledge among team members for maximum cooperation between them.


We are characterized by:



Absolute personal responsibility for what they make, adapting to changes in the team.


Constant curiosity to improve and learn.


Guided by their attitude in day to day and have performance as a personal reference when no one is watching them and things are not going well.


Have attention to detail.


They never stop improving, always defying logic and wonder, how can we improve th


Ability to search and introduce novelties

The main function of the Department of Research, Development and Innovation, is to create new quality products to meet changing market and increasingly demanding.


This department has acquired a great weight within the company, because it is the main engine for the conception and development of new products by the Department of Marketing.


The Department manages major projects annually, ranging from the creation of new products to improve the quality and refinement of existing between different brands of the Group. Basically its activity is concentrated in three specific areas:


Creation and development of new products.


Efficient development of projects to promote efficient habits among the population and adapt to new technologies.


Optimizing costs and product functionality maintaining its contrasted quality.


Offering the most technologically advanced solutions

Always get the best solution and offer the highest Guarantees in each of our actions has enabled us to support our product with certificates UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008/UNE-en-iso 14001: 2004 and CE marking.

Meet the client brings us closer to know better what their needs are.

A comprehensive analysis involves identifying and classifying segments of interest.

With customization, will have advanced features and better management of their services.

Our crew ensures the correct operation of the installation.

We can not only consider the cost savings. Optimize your time, work, and security is also saving.

Maintain and prevent any incident, so that our customers have the confidence that nothing will fail.


A global solution of products & services


We conducted a free, personalized advice. Knowing his current state we will make a proposal to implement savings achieved involving a optimizing the management of your lighting.

We work to keep abreast of the market updates and news. And thus offer our customers the best solutions for savings.

As important it is to have a good fleet, as take precise handling and controlled. Thanks to the combination of a number of tools, we are able to reduce their fuel consumption in a high percentage.

We offer work in a quick and precise manner, with programs tailored to your company.


We work with software leaders in each sector.


Near you. Always available

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