EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s integrated policy which started in 2013 dedicating itself to the "design, production, sale and installation of LED lighting," is focused on the implementation of an Integrated Management System which is in accordance with International Standards (UNE-EN-ISO 900:2000 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004) so that EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s clients are assured that the products and services are the best ones in the market.


EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s final goal is to provide clients with a product that excels in quality. Environmental protection is also a key issue in EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s objectives. It is therefore why the Quality Policy sums up to the Environmental Policy of EXPERIENCIA AHORRO.


EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’S Integrated Policy is based on the following standards:


•  Identify and satisfy client needs and expectations, making these client needs and expectations the starting point from which our products and services are focused.


•  Identify environmental aspects which could arise from EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s activities so that the impacts that can be done will be reduced.


•  Have trained and qualified personnel and the necessary resources for the realization of the product/service commended by the customer.


•  Identify and comply with regulations and rules that are applicable to the product and/or service and identify environmental aspects.


•  Implement corrective and preventive actions that are necessary for the elimination and prevention of non-conformities and complaints, complaints or sanctions of fits customers or stakeholders in order to achieve continuous process improvement and environmental protection.


•  Increase and strength EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s image by achieving the requirements for the product and/or service, customer satisfaction and commitment with environmental protection.


•  Continuous improvement through the monitoring tool that EXPERIENCIA AHORRO has. A management system (objectives, targets, indicators, operational control, training, ...) that allows EXPERIENCIA AHORRO to improve processes and the prevention of environmental pollution that may occur in our activity.


Integrated Policy is the framework in which EXPERIENCIA AHORRO relies to establish quality objectives and environmental objectives and targets.


The Integrated Policy will be reviewed in the management review for its continuous adaptation to the needs and expectations EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s customers and shareholders require.


To meet this comprehensive policy all employees which are part or a collaborating with EXPERIENCIA AHORRO need to participate.






Madrid, a 10 de November de 2014








Jesús Vara RuÍz