looking to the future

New trends in the lighting industry, forcing adapt to changing times. Thus begins the development of the new LED technology, which is committed to the environment through energy savings it produces


A product designed to last

Experiencia Ahorro Lighting Division offers the brand  DALED®,. technology of high-precision with direct impact on the energy bill savings, providing a significant improvement in durability and light quality. Quality materials of well recognized brands support the manufacturing process, which allows us to get the best product.


With, DALED® we want the savings occurring since we came into contact with the customer. We understand our customers and value their time and their work allows us to offer a comprehensive management. Studies, planning, installation and maintenance without intermediaries shape us as the best partner.


We value your time. We offer a comprehensive management



None of our customers is the same. Understanding this, we come to your company to conduct a preliminary study of your needs, checking facilities and current light levels.




Our Department of Research, Development and Innovation has developed and evolved through experience in energy efficiency. This department is the cornerstone from which arise all our products and own brands.

Ongoing research in which our team works, has developed as a response adapted to the needs of our customers. Always get the best solution and offer the highest Guarantees in each of our actions has enabled us to support our product with certificates UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008/UNE-en-iso 14001: 2004 and CE marking.




We have higher level professionals to optimize assembly time and offer the best guarantees on the correct operation of all facilities that perform.


The installation culminates a process of study, design and manufacture for which we maintain a constant attention through various checkpoints. That control and compliance with all regulations to which we adapt constantly, allows us to give the best service to our customers.


It will get better lighting with lower consumption

Besides improving city life, environmental policies contribute to an overall benefit for the entire planet. A reduction in energy consumption significantly lower emissions of greenhouse gases.


DALED® works to ensure more efficient lighting. It is a commitment for everyone.


Less investment, higher efficiency. With better lighting performance. Daled is amortized with the immediate savings produces in electricity bills.


A comprehensive, efficient and easy system. Safe management, providing reduction and control energy consumption accurately, creating a lighting system more efficient and environmentally friendly.


A product designed to last. Up to 15 year warranty guarantee product durability, with a lifespan de75.000a100.00 hours.


A strong commitment to the environment. No visual pollution occurs. The light distribution is a direct focus and the lighting is uniform. No harmful emissions to the environment without high temperatures.