our goal is to reduce energy consumption

Both the available technology, as responsible habits, enable lower energy consumption, improving the competitiveness of enterprises and the quality of personal life.


The management of energy services

Experiencia Ahorro División Energética works with the sole objective of transforming the efficiency produced through actions in direct savings for our customers.


Energy efficiency is a practice that aims to reduce energy consumption. Thus production processes and energy use are optimized using the same or less to produce more goods and services.


Direct consumers, individuals and organizations can reduce energy consumption in order to cut costs and promote economic, political and environmental sustainability.


The business sector must work to increase efficiency and maximize profits. We work for social, economic and environmental well-being through awareness, information and training related to energy saving.


The energy audit allows companies to meet the stated energy consumption detecting:


Factors affecting consumer.


Identifying potential opportunities for savings at your fingertips.


Analyze the technical and economic feasibility of implementing measures.


By analyzing personalized way the current state of energy that is being generated, we know the current state of the facilities and we can carry out proposals for savings that involve implement effective optimization of the management of its resources.


La mejora continua de la eficiencia energética en sus instalaciones

Thanks to our comprehensive service we discover improvement opportunities, develop action plans and implement solutions that achieve the objectives, and to finally ensure the results achieved, with the aim of improving.


Based on continuous improvement, we have the right solution for each phase:


Define. We seek efficiency with our customers with the knowledge of its facilities.


 Measurement and analysis. With remote APTAVI® we control consumption.


Enhance and design. Focusing on energy efficiency solutions for buildings, industry and infrastructure, we will design the strategy and the actions to be taken in each action.


Control and verification. Systems management and maintenance focused on energy efficiency as APTAVI, we can analyze and compare previous measurements with current. So we verify that the actions are aimed at our objectives, identifying excess consumption or energy losses, knowing the performance of facilities and opportunities for optimization.


Continuous improvement of energy efficiency in its facilities

Thanks to the improvements achieved by our solutions a number of benefits is generated.


Reduction of energy consumption.


Improved productivity with reduced energy and operating costs.


Reduction of energy intensity.


Environmental improvements, reducing CO2 emissions.


Improved corporate image.


Comprehensive, continuous and personalized advice, to ensure the success of energy management.


Therefore energy efficiency is a resource that has tremendous advantages. For this reason it is at the top of the political and economic agenda of all developed countries.